The Sprocker's Arms is a delightful on-site pub which offers the very best in fast and helpful service!

All the booze is top-notch, totally quaffable and marked up only 5-10% purely to put together a little kitty for getting Otherfield going in 2017! The prices are stunningly low for the quality so you won't be stretched for a fun relaxing time!

White wine (per bottle)
Light Sauvignon Blanc £5
Ned Pinot Grigio £10

Red wine (per bottle)
French bordeaux claret £5
New Zealand Shiraz £10 

Sparkling Wine (per bottle)
Prosecco £10 

Beer at £2 a pint or £2.50 for a craft beer in a bottle.

You can bring you're own but it will be so much nicer on-site. Why?

  • It's nearly the same price as you could buy it from a shop 
  • It's served cold but most of all ...
  • It's pre-tested and approved so you don't have to - horrid job but someone had to do it.