Otherfield continues its commitment to the emerging talents of non-fiction filmmaking by again featuring a selection of films made by both first time filmmakers and students of the genre. This year, once more, the fifty or so films submitted were of a high standard and the selection process prompted lively debate and the airing of differing perspectives. Here, then, is an introductory list to the films that will be shown at this year’s festival.


Christian Bravo Interaction with Art (8 mins)

An art gallery installation is the setting for this hand-held improvised commentary on the effects of social media upon our means of perception and memory.


Tizian Büchi – The Sound of Winter (30 mins)

A gentle exploration of a Swiss town in Winter which follows its subject through the landscape and landmarks and myths that have formed and nurtured him.


Ruben Woodin Dechamps & Oscar Hudson A Second World (19 mins)

Part exploration of the Socialist monuments of the Ex-Yugoslavia and part outsider art documentary, the filmmakers here blend social realism with a hint of the beyond.


Ruth Grimberg Some Will Forget (15 mins)

An elegiac and celebratory film that documents the first anniversary of the closure of the Hatfield Main Colliery; a once militant pit in the 1984 Miners Strike.


Umama Hamido – Hind (50 mins, performance)

Footage shot in 2014 on the Syrian/Lebanon border in the aftermath of the Battle of Arsal is resequenced and performed live in a presentation of everyday life amidst the struggle.


Ravi Lloyd Treasured Moments (28 mins)

A story needs to be told and in the telling we encounter separation and a realisation of how the nuances of identity are weathered by stereotypes and prejudices.


Alice Russell Men Buy Sex (8 mins)

A portrait of gender lines in the sex industry. This short and often unsettling documentary recounts the candid testimony of men who buy sex.


Andrew Tullis A Secrets Act: The Double Life of Ian MacKintosh (36 mins)

Truth proves stranger than fiction and imagination possibly determines reality when we are taken on a search for a spy writer missing since 1979.