In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower atrocity which exposed the shortcomings and failures of social housing in Britain, we felt, when thinking of Andrea’s work, that it was timely to show her Estate, A Reverie. Andrea filmed this work over seven years. As she said in a statement: “It feels important to say that Estate has not been made about a community, but has been made from it”. As an ex-resident of the Haggerston estate, Andrea, employing a variety of filmic registers, strategies and time frames, has created a film that celebrates the resilience of the residents throughout the long transition period of their ‘decanting’. Buildings and their communal areas which, it was rumoured, had been scheduled for demolition over 30 years ago, are transformed into decorated community spaces that encourage a sense of the possible. Interweaving landscape and architectural studies with intimate portraits of the remaining residents' and their own histories, Estate, a Reverie suggests, as does the community action around Grenfell Tower, that residents can occupy the spaces of social housing and develop more than just the image of community. We are Here.


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