Held over a long weekend in July, Otherfield (formerly the Quadrangle Film Festival) presents films and runs workshops that come under the umbrella of ‘creative nonfiction films’.

We aim to challenge the predominant and traditional voice by offering a truly thought-provoking programme for both filmmakers and film lovers.

Featuring veterans in the field and experts of the genre right through to students and new filmmakers; our commitment is to create an enlivening environment where hierarchies are abandoned, open and honest dialogue is encouraged, experience is shared and the creative voice is celebrated.

Launched in 2011 at the Quadrangle Trust in Kent, we are a grassroots collective of filmmakers and film lovers dedicated to re-imagining the possibilities of nonfiction filmmaking.

Otherfield sets out to be a new kind of film event; a refuge from the commercial pressures of filmmaking, where titles and professional egos are left at home and discussion is invited with a spirit of adventure and equality; from the documentary old guard to the student vanguard, and everyone in between.

Core elements include a selection of especially curated Contemporary Films,  "Lost Gems", Rough-cut screenings, Emerging shorts and a selection of special guest workshops and Q&A’s.

Focusing on process not product, our overall aim is to stimulate and provoke new pathways and directions in creative nonfiction filmmaking, both in terms of what’s in front of, and who’s behind, the camera.

Along with experts of the genre and veterans in the field, attention is given just as seriously to students and new filmmakers; this freshness and excitement is crucial to the ethos of the event and the exchange between new players and old hands is one of the best things about the weekend.

This year’s festival will be held at Laughton Lodge, a non-profit co-housing community established on the site of a former residential hospital. The Lodge’s Community Centre will be temporarily converted into a series of screening rooms and discussion spaces. Guests are invited to camp in the field. We all wine, dine and muck in together.