Housewitz Dir. Oeke Hoogendijk

Housewitz Dir. Oeke Hoogendijk


With Dir. Oeke Hoogendijk

1100 - 1300 Sunday 31st July 2016

My mother, Lous Hoogendijk de Jong (b. 1926), has her latchkey hanging around her neck at all times, night and day. She hasn’t left her home for decades, yet her biggest fear is not being able to enter her home. She frequently wakes with a start from a recurring nightmare she has: she is away from home and whenever she wants to go back, insurmountable obstacles are preventing her from returning to the safety of her home. She sleeps with headphones on - it helps against this recurring nightmare.

In this Rough Cut, Oeke will share with us this exquisitely intimate film she has been making about her home-bound mother. Like many films made about members of the family, Oeke is not sure whether she can show her mother the film. Oeke will share with us the dilemmas and difficulties of making films like this.