SURGERY: Contracts and Rights 

Dominique Young, documentary producer, and Pauline Bickerton, entrepreneur turned artist, will lead a conversation with filmmakers on negotiating rights and contracts.

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0930 - 1100 Saturday 30th July 2016

Time and again, indie filmmakers invest their own time and money into passion projects - often involving risky endeavours around the world. Time and again, they are asked to sign contracts by distributors, big production houses, commissioners and donors – which essentially mean that when any 'product' they have made and paid for becomes a marketable commodity, others will profit handsomely from it before they ever see a penny.  Dominique and Pauline will suggest ways to retain control over rights when dealing with broadcasters and distributors.  They will discuss the setting up of co-production deals, legal and financial responsibilities, the advantages of being a company rather than an individual, and when it might be better to go through a production company rather than trying to do everything yourself.