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Chloe is an artist-filmmaker and longterm member ofthe Quadrangle/Otherfield team. Her latest films include The Do Gooders (2011) Jungle Sisters (2015) and The Occupiers (2016) - exploring social and political issues through an intimate point of access.

She is passionate about education, and works three days a week in a school for teenagers with Special Educational Needs.


Howard Slater is an independentwriter and researcher based in London. His book, Anomie/Bonhomie was published by Mute Books in 2011 and Anti-Wall, a work that plays with the history of surrealism, will be published by Kuda in 2017.  His current area of research is orbiting what can be loosely described as 'anti-psychiatry'. Over the past year he has published texts on David Cooper, Frantz Fanon and Franco Basaglia.



John Mister is an accidental film editor. While failing to do all the other things he originally set out to do (writing and directing feature films, recording cult albums, ridding the world of famine, war and injustice), he has cut films for an annoying number of much more focused individuals. Has been accidentally associated with Quadrangle/Otherfield since the beginning. 



Keith Shiri is an international film curator and a visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) University of Westminster. He is a programme advisor to the BFI London Film Festival and the Ouaga Film Lab.



Lasse Johansson is a self-shooting documentary director/producer and educator with a background in fine art and sociology. Aside from making his own independent films, his commissioned work has been wide ranging. He has made films for charities, educational organisations and visual artists. Lasse is the co-founder of Fugitive Images, an East London based artist collective and course tutor on the MA programme in Ethnographic & Documentary Filmmaking by Practice at UCL.


Passionate about political and experimental cinema, collective narratives, memory and new media, Ludo is interested in all forms of cinema of reality that are able to document the diversity of independent forms of life. Ludo is a documentary filmmaker who lives and works in London, where she teaches and where, as an Italian, despite the current political challenges, she committed to build bridges with the Mediterranean world she comes from.


Maha is a documentary filmmaker with a background in academia and international media development. She works independently and makes her living developing, and running a number of projects for the BBC's international charity, BBC Media Action, using film and other forms of media.  Maha is workshop programmer at Otherfield.



Malcolm is trained in Psychotherapy and Counselling and works in West London managing mental health services.   His work has been about bringing therapy into community and this led to his collaboration with Otherfield in 2016, developing and delivering therapeutic workshops for last year's festival. Malcolm has collaborated with Pitch Black Films as a Producer working on several documentary films.



Rosie is a filmmaker from London who makes work in response to where she lives. In 2016, she was an associate artist at Open School East. Rosie is interested in how landscape and memory are inter-twined, especially within the context of London's housing crisis. She has a background of theatre making and devising and brings these processes into filmmaking, exploring collaborative ways of generating documentary material. Rosie is part of the emerging filmmakers strand at Otherfield and is currently working on Otherfield Shoots!, a free film club for young people in Tottenham.


Sarah is a documentary producer, researcher and writer whose main interest is in telling the stories of those negotiating complex identities. She has worked in independent film, for broadcasters such as C4 and BBC and as a writer on subjects such as minorities in Britain, migration and refugee movements, conscientiously objecting soldiers and the English-Scottish borderland. Sarah is Otherfield's production manager.


Reconfigured filmmaker with formative roots in techno, warez/demoscene and drug trade, as well as an extensive background in arts and media; including journalism, programming, live visuals performances, electronic music production, and organisation of raves and festivals. A misfit fitted as Otherfield's tech-engine.