Mohamed Jabaly: Work In Progress

Last year we were delighted to host Mohamed Jabaly for a screening of his acclaimed film Ambulance. So, this year we are very happy that Mohamed will be returning this year to run a workshop. In the intervening year Mohamed has encountered the trials and tribulations of the migrant life as he has had to move from Gaza to Norway to England and, one hopes, back again. Mohamed has been documenting his life and in this workshop he will share the gestation period and raw rushes of a work in progress.

Saturday 29th, 9am – 11am


Andrea Luka Zimmerman & Gareth Evans: Handle with Care

New additions to this year’s workshop programme includes a workshop on Advocacy, Curation and Democratic Distribution in which artist filmmaker and cultural activist Andrea Luka Zimmerman and producer/ curator Gareth Evans will explore the alternative strategies and routes by which independent and hybrid moving image works can reach diverse audiences.  We are glad that Gareth and Andrea’s workshop will go some way to addressing some of the issues that we have been discussing over the year since the last festival.

Saturday 29th, 11am – 1pm


Keith Shiri: Third Cinema

A forum on the continuing relevance of the themes, ideas and politics of Third Cinema will be convened by Keith Shiri who is currently the programmer of the Durban Film festival. In this workshop Keith will continue last years workshop on the politics of representation delivered by Penny Woolcott and Caroline Deeds. Here we ask: who represents who and explore how the subconscious colonisation of other people's lives/ problems/ existence is as much a problem today as it was in the 60s when the coming of Third Cinema provided concrete answers by means of the independent practice of  ‘Third World’ filmmakers.

Sunday 30th, 11am – 1pm


Chloe Ruthven & Howard Slater: Filmmakers Therapeutic Space

As well as these there will be a second convening of the Filmmakers Therapeutic Space in which we explore the ethical dilemmas and often turbulent relationships which we face when making documentaries. This year’s group will be convened by Chloe Ruthven along with Howard Slater and is envisioned as a place for a confidential sharing.

Sunday 30th, 2pm – 4pm


Avi Mograbi w/ Asher Tlalim: In the Field

Avi Mograbi will centre his workshop on the position and role of the activist filmmaker ‘in the field’ – the hazards, dangers, dilemmas and confrontations that arise.  

Saturday 29th, 2.30pm – 4.30pm


Paweł Łoziński w/ Chloe Ruthven: The Therapeutic Encounter

With Paweł Łoziński we are hoping to develop a workshop that takes up the themes of the film he will be showing at Otherfield – the differences and similarities between the therapeutic encounter and the delicacies inherent in documentary filmmaking.

Saturday 29th, 5.30pm – 7.30pm


Jason Massot w/ Lasse Johansson: Real vs Fiction

Jason Massot, whose last feature-length film marked a move into fiction, will be leading a discussion on the often thorny but fruitful encounter between the ‘real’ of documentary filmmaking and the ‘fiction’ of narrative feature films.

Sunday 30th, 9am – 11am